About us

Brand: Muny is a collection of contemporary kids' clothing, women's clothing and accessories, all designed in Brooklyn, NY.  It is characterized by natural fabrics that are made using ancient techniques of wood block printing, handloom weaving and hand dyeing. The fabrics whether handwoven or block printed, are of utmost quality and softness. The silhouettes are simple and classic, focusing the attention on the beautiful fabrics. We believe that the kids clothing should last hence all dresses can be worn as tunics later. The styles are easygoing and comfortable, with room to grow and play.


Founder: Muny is founded by a Brooklyn mom, who has combined traditional Indian textiles and hand printing methods with contemporary graphics and colors to create a unique clothing line. Greatly inspired by the creative energy and the diversity of new york city and the beautiful fabrics she grew up with, Samara embarked on this venture in 2011. She has studied and practiced architecture and interior design in New York city for the last fourteen years. She has a bachelors in architecture and a masters in communications design but no prior experience in fashion or textiles. Even as a young person in India, she was drawn to handloom fabrics and loved India's tradition of textile handicrafts. With this company she attempts to not only promote the beautiful fabrics but also modernise and contemporize the prints and patterns. ‘Muny’ pronounced moo-nee is MU for Mumbai and NY for New York, a brand born out of convergence of these two parallel worlds. 

Process: We work with amazing artisan groups that realize our modern patterns on to the cottons and silks used in our products. Handwoven and hand block printed fabrics are naturally eco-friendly as they require minimum to zero electricity during its production. Our patronage helps preserve these age-old traditional techniques of printing and weaving that also provide livelihood for many rural artisans. 

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